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What is a family discount?

Parents/families with more than 2 children who place an order from the nominated packages listed on the order envelope only need to pay for the first 2 children’s packages. The 3rd, 4th child and so on are free! Please note:
  • Family discount is NOT offered to all schools and is only offered where Event Photo and the school have agreed on the package choice.
  • Family discount is ONLY available to orders placed online before photo day.
  • Orders placed after photo day will NOT be entitled for any discount.
  • If you are claiming the family discount, portrait downloads will be sent separately from your paid orders.
  • You MUST download and PRINT the family discount coupon and complete.
  • The family discount coupon must be completed and enclosed in the ‘FREE’ student’s envelope.
  • Make note of the conditions. Family discount ONLY applies to the packages listed on the coupon.
  • If you can NOT print the family discount form you MUST view it online and provide all the required details for it to be valid.

What happens if I order photos but I don’t like them?

We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the finished product. Simply return the product within 7 days of receiving for a complete refund. Please note:
  • No refunds are given on digital products that are emailed out.
  • No refunds are given on family discount products.
  • No refund is offered once you have downloaded the FREE download.

I did not place an order on photo day; I wish to order now though. Is it too late?

Not at all. Children who did not order on photo day will receive an order form which allows them to order photos after the photos have been delivered, at no extra cost. Once a booking has been made things will go a little like this.
  1. We confirm your booking with a letter outlining the date and time of the agreed school photo shoot.
  2. Approximately 5 weeks before this agreed date we will send you pre-paid envelopes that will be handed to the students ready to be returned back to school with payment on the school photo day. We will also contact the nominated school office person in order to collect the student data details ( EDSAS, Maze# or similar details).
  3. With 1 week out we will phone your photo co-ordinator to ensure all is on track and answer any questions that might need attention. Photo day we will arrive approx. 30-40 minutes prior to the agreed time. This allows time for us to set up our studio.
  4. The photo schedule is set by the school. If you need help with this we will work on this prior to the day. On photo day we will work through the schedule, we photograph every student whether they are ordering or not.
  5. Once complete, we will go away and process the order. The finished product will be returned within 21 days – the photos will be presented in class lots for easy distribution. Those who ordered on photo day will receive their product and those who did not will receive an complimentary bookmark gift which allows them to place a follow up order with us directly if they wish.
  6. Parents are encouraged to contact us directly if they have any concerns from here on, so technically it’s back to normal for the school and we get to do it all again the next year.

I have lost my personalised envelope. What do I do now?

You can collect a spare envelope from your school office. If you wish to order online you can also ask your school office to reissue you with your child’s unique shoot key.

My child was involved in a special group such as “Junior School Council” or “School Captains”. How do I order?

You can place an order online using either your child’s unique shoot key or via the school’s generic shoot key if they have chosen this path. Every school is different BUT check your school’s newsletter or notice board at the office.

I have received my child’s individual photos but NOT my family PHOTO.

Sometimes schools hand these out separately from the individual photos. Please check with the school office or class teacher.

I have ordered online. Do I need to return the envelope?

Yes, please return your child’s envelope with the online order reference code clearly marked.

My child was absent on photo day. What happens to my order?

If you ordered online, please contact us for a full refund. If you paid in cash and returned it to the school, you will need to contact the school to have them return it to you.

Can my child be scanned into the group photo?

Generally the answer is no and it is very rare for this to be done and it is always at the school’s request. The cost of this is at the parent’s expense and final veto is Event Photo.

We are a split family. Can both parents use the same shoot key?

Yes. But it is vital that both parents return an envelope to the school for each child.

My child has a name change or the spelling is different to the school’s data base.

We cannot accept individual parent requests on name changes. We go strictly by what the school supplies and advises. We suggest that you contact the school and discuss the change with them and ask them to advise us. Please note:
  • If the product has already been produced, any change is at your cost if it is approved by the school.
  • ALL changes are only accepted if they are issued by the school.

How can I avoid the postage charge?

Place your order before photo day and your photos will be delivered in bulk to the school. Please note:
  • If you are ordering via our 2nd chance system your order is handled individually and not in bulk and will be posted direct to your nominated address. This will add a postage and handling fee to your order.
  • If you are placing an online order for special groups, these will be mailed individually to your nominated address.
  • You can NOT collect your order from your local branch.
Postage Costs:
  • The postage cost is very minimal and we are mindful of ensuring this is not excessive. It is per order and not per item.
  • Factors in postage are: Post, handling/labour and packaging.